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July 24, 2012


Hummingbirds keep coming to our place these days. Sweet.

Sorry for the background sound.
Japanese news (podcasts) were on.

We also see battles among them sometimes.
One of them seems not to want to share his place with others.

My Garden Today : July 24, 2012

My "Ichiban" eggplant is growing its first fruit! Hooray!

And second flower is blooming too!

My basil plants are doing fine as well.

That's Japanese herb, "Ao-shiso".
I missed you so much since last summer...!!!

But the tomato plants aren't doing very well.
There are lot of flowers blooming, but no fruits at all. I guess the soil bed isn't deep enough for them. Sorry...!

But the chive besides them is doing very good. I just have to harvest it more often.

July 22, 2012

Breeding Time

The morning sky on the way to the Antelope Island. Looks like a autumn sky to me. Well, it's definitely not here, though.

Morning Sky on the way to the Antelope Island

In the Antelope Island. There was a nest of swallows under the roof of a barn near the beach. Baby swallows are waiting for food...!

Swallow Chicks in the Antelope Island

Here you go.

Feeding Swallow in the Antelope Island

The mom and dad are working so hard to feed them...!

July 15, 2012

Beautiful Bird

Most of the birds were unknown to me because I was never interested much. But now, I can't say that anymore because of this environment in Utah, and, of course, because I'm married to a biologist.

One of the most beautiful birds for me: Ibis.

White-faced Ibis

What are you looking for?

White-faced Ibis

Oh, I've never seen it that close. He (She?) has a white head!

White-faced Ibis

Flew away when I tried to get closer...
But the flying figure is also beautiful!!

White-faced Ibis

July 14, 2012

Eggplant "Ichiban"

This year's first eggplant flower. Hooray!