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June 8, 2012

Unusual Visitors

We've been having unusual visitors recently.

The first one.
Where did you actually come from?

He is definitely NOT a wild rabbit. We have no idea whose bunny he is. But he seems to be surviving in our backyard and neighbors' as well.

Sometimes, he gets a treat from us.
Not sure yet? It' yours.

But now.
"That's mine!"
He is kind of a sweet visitor, which we appreciate to see occasionally. But we also got a surprising visitor a week ago.

Gopher Snake!

He was totally tangled in my tomato nets! Probably tried to get released, but it got even worse.
Gopher Snake

Well, I wasn't able to do anything. Kind of scared. So just waited my husband got home.

Finally, the rescue started!
Gopher Snake:レスキュー隊始動

Luckily, our neighbor lady was there, and she was so brave to help my husband. Wow!
So, I got a role to take pictures.
Gopher Snake:レスキュー隊活躍

Oh, what a day!