June 16, 2012

On a hot day...

Our guests are bathing furiously!

I was taking pictures & movies through our uncleaned windows and screens, so the pictures are not clear enough...

American Robin

I recoreded some movies too.

Radio was on.


They can still fly!

Soon after the robin left, three magpies came.



They looked very curious. They must be siblings born in this spring (my husband said).

June 11, 2012

Sweet Guests

Not only strange(?) visitors, but we also have some sweet guests.

June 8, 2012

Unusual Visitors

We've been having unusual visitors recently.

The first one.
Where did you actually come from?

He is definitely NOT a wild rabbit. We have no idea whose bunny he is. But he seems to be surviving in our backyard and neighbors' as well.

Sometimes, he gets a treat from us.
Not sure yet? It' yours.

But now.
"That's mine!"
He is kind of a sweet visitor, which we appreciate to see occasionally. But we also got a surprising visitor a week ago.

Gopher Snake!

He was totally tangled in my tomato nets! Probably tried to get released, but it got even worse.
Gopher Snake

Well, I wasn't able to do anything. Kind of scared. So just waited my husband got home.

Finally, the rescue started!
Gopher Snake:レスキュー隊始動

Luckily, our neighbor lady was there, and she was so brave to help my husband. Wow!
So, I got a role to take pictures.
Gopher Snake:レスキュー隊活躍

Oh, what a day!

April 11, 2012

Spring has come!

It was last May, when we moved to this condo, and at that time we only saw greens everywhere in our backyard.
But this year, a lot of different things have been surprising us since winter has gone.



Pretty purple flowers!
(I don't know the name...)

And, dandelions!

I know, dandelions are hated and considered as weeds here in the US, but my husband I are kind of enjoying looking at them in our backyard. Our backyard is a bit hidden, so it should be ok, I guess. Well, at least for a while, I hope.

July 25, 2011

Our Recent Guests

They are our most recent frequent guests on our new backyard.

I often see five of them squeaking each other. "They must be a family", my husband said.
Some of them dare to come to our simple water spot. Hooray!
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