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August 11, 2009

Wall Lake

Last Sunday, we tried another trail in Uinta Mountains. We didn't finish the trail, but hiked just to the first lake, Wall Lake, and hiked around the lake.

It is the view from the other side of the lake.
At this point, the wind stopped for a while, and the reflection was wonderful.

There was a baby bird whose name I don't know...

Some trees are dying in the water.

Some of them looks like that.

These are... fir trees?

This piece is turning into a stone.

There were cliffs on one side of the lake.

There were some people climbing the rocks too. For us, these cliff were a little scary.


You are wonderful observer of the spectacular Utah's nature!!! I like the details that you notice and the extraordinary foreshortening on your pictures!They inspire me to hike around those lakes and take mine!Exelent idea to share your emotions with others!

Do you have a single-lens reflex camera? Or did you learn photographing at school? Your pictures look like professional job. I expect you will become a professional columnist in the future. We admire your talent! You're getting to enjoy outdoor. I'll invite you to go hiking with my friends who are learning German.

Hi Natasha! Thanks for your comment! I'm actually not an outdoor person, but there are so many people, including you, who enjoy the nature in Utah and they've kept telling me how amazing it is. So, you guys have inspired me a lot!

I'm going to upload some pictures which I took on the excursion with you too soon! Enjoy :-)

Hi Kyoko, thank you for your comment and a lot of compliment! I really appreciate that :-) ! Actually, I don't own such a good camera, just a common small camera. But yes, I took a class for degital photographing once in Japan when I worked for an online shop.

The most important things that I learned at that class were these:

1) Know your camera first. --- There are thousands of functions which you've never used. If you study those functions and use them effectively, your pictures will be different.

2) Take pictures with high resolution. --- Each image should have a printing quality, such as 300dpi or more. You take pictures in this quality, and then adjust them to the appropriate size and volume for websites.

I hope those tips might help you! And I'm looking forward to going hiking with your friends too! Thanks in advance!