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May 8, 2010

Mill Creek Canyon

Hiking in Mill Creek Canyon. This time we went to Pipeline Trail. The signs on the trail also showed "Rattlesnake Gulch", so my husband was thrilled because he thought he could finally see one, but fortunately we didn't encounter none of them. Good for ME!

From the viewpoint.
Pipeline Trail - Mill Creek Canyon

There was a rainbow on the mountains. Well, you can't see it very well in the picture...
Pipeline Trail - Mill Creek Canyon

Pipeline Trail - Mill Creek Canyon

I don't know the name of these flowers...
Pipeline Trail - Mill Creek Canyon

Pipeline Trail - Mill Creek Canyon

This one might be "Scarlet Paintbrush", I guess.
Scarlet Paintbrush - Mill Creek Canyon

These are "Yellow Gracier-Lily", also called "Snow-Lily".
Yellow Gracier-Lily (Snow-Lily) - Mill Creek Canyon

Yellow Gracier-Lily (Snow-Lily) - Mill Creek Canyon

These flowers reminded me "katakuri", which is named as "erythronium japonicum" in Latin. It has a purple flower instead of yellow. I found it every year in the forest behind our home, and felt that the early spring was there.

People used to got starch from its bulb, and this starch was called "katakuri-ko", which is replaced with potato starch today. But the name "katakuri-ko" is still used unchanged to call starch.


Hey Kanakita,
If your husband and you would like to meet a rattlesnake, you should've been with Natasha and me in Bigcottonwood canyon last summer - it jumped out of the trail right in front of us with that hair-raising sound!

you took really beautiful pictures! I think, I'd rather been there this weekend instead where I was...:-)

My gosh...! I'm happy that I haven't encountered any of them so far... But my husband is wishing to see it someday soon. I can't understand it.

So, where did you go/were you this weekend? Did you also go hiking?